Facts That Figure: Dollar Bills

By: C.G. HoffmanMany today claim that we are entering a new, “paperless” society, and that credit cards are far superior to.... read more

Facts That FIgure: Maps

C.G. HoffmanTeacher: “George, go to the front of the class and show us where North America is on the map.” read more

Facts that Figure: Mugging It up for Coffee

C.G. HoffmanBrain juice, java, morning fuel,.... read more

Facts That Figure: Pens

By: C.G. HoffmanHow is it that when it comes time to clean out one’s drawers, hundreds of pens come to the surface, but when you need.... read more

Facts That Figure: Refrigerators

By: C.G. HoffmanWho can imagine preparing for Yom Tov without a refrigerator or a freezer? Our.... read more

Facts That Figure: Bridges

By C.G. HoffmanWhat do you do when you want to get from Point A to Point B, but there is a river in between? You build a bridge of.... read more

Facts That Figure: Fruit Stands

By: C.G. HoffmanNothing tastes quite like summer as much as a juicy peach bought fresh from a roadside fruit stand. Are fruit.... read more

Facts That Figure: Calculators

By C.G. HoffmanWhen I was growing up, our local grocery man would calculate your total on the back of a brown paper bag (used). Today,.... read more

Facts That Figure: Traffic Lights

By: C.G. HoffmanRed light, green light, one two three… The three colors of traffic lights seem to be universal, but who decided which.... read more

Facts That Figure: Brushing Up on Toothpaste

By: C.G. HoffmanWhen you brush your teeth tonight, consider yourself lucky as you contemplate your choices of mint-flavored, cinnamon.... read more

Facts That Figure: Salt

By: C.G. Hoffman“Like rubbing salt in a wound.” “Take it with a grain of salt.” “The salt of the earth.” Salt is one of the.... read more

Facts That Figure: Shoelaces

By: C.G. HoffmanOops!  You're rushing to catch that train, plane, or bus when disaster strikes: your shoelace has torn! A little.... read more

Facts That Figure: Soda Cans

By: C.G. HoffmanIt seems that nothing quite soothes a parched throat on a hot summer day as a cold can of soda. But where do soda cans.... read more