Chaveirim of Boro Park Takes in 16 New Members, Appoints New Coordinators

Chaveirim of Boro Park Takes in 16 New Members, Appoints New Coordinators

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Sixteen selfless volunteers have been officially inducted into the legendary Chaveirim organization, an outfit that has become synonymous with ahavas Yisroel and being there for their fellow Yidden 24/7, 365 days in the year.  

The names of the new members are B14 - Yossi Stern, B17 - Avrum Nussbaum, B37 - Shmiel Zev Lefkowitz, B58 - Shimmy Fuchs, B59 - Aron Sanders, B61 - Avrumi Ringel, B82 - Moishe Duved Fried, B89 - Shloimy Brachfeld, B124 - Volvy Sternfeld, B127 - Shia Tabak, B215 - Sruli Goldman, B217 - Shloimy Goldman, B218 - Chaim Goldman, B219 - Shloime Zalmen Freund, B220 - Lazer Esterzohn, and B222 - Pinny Cohn. 

Simultaneously, two new coordinators have been appointed for Boro Park, B142 - Shloimy Fleishman, and C38 - Mendy Fisher. 

BoroPark24 spoke with Yitzy Kraus, longtime Chaveirim coordinator about the new inductees and the career of chessed that they are now escalating. 

“Our member volunteers are carefully vetted across many criteria. We want to know that they are available to respond, what areas they tend to be live and work in, whether their employers are OK with their volunteering during daytime hours, and we will often have a conversation with the prospective volunteer’s rov about their caliber, their seriousness, and their professionalism,” he says. 

Chessed tends to run in families, it seems. “At least two of these new members are brothers of existing members, and two of them are sons of existing members,” Yitzy says, “and one member had previously been a member, took a few years’ hiatus, and now has rejoined the organization, ready for the next stage.” 

If a member has made it to this stage of the process, it means that he is prepared for this important mission in bringing relief to Yidden in every kind of situation, from flooding to broken boilers, and everything else in between. “Our goal is to provide white glove service to anyone in need,” Yitzy says. “And that means being able to respond quickly, and with expertise to every kind of call.

“Baruch Hashem, our community is growing, and so is the volume—and type—of call. The organization is constantly expanding, and we felt that this was an appropriate time to bring on an energetic and dedicated group of men to join this incredible team.”    

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