Dozens of Aftershocks Follow 4.8 Earthquake

Dozens of Aftershocks Follow 4.8 Earthquake

By M. C. Millman

After the rare 4.8-magnitude earthquake on Friday, April 5, at least 44 aftershocks, ranging in magnitude from 1.3 to 2.6, have been recorded.

The tremors originated in New Jersey but were felt in New York City, Long Island,  parts of Connecticut, and Rockland County.

Three aftershocks were measured yesterday, Monday, April 8, measuring 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6 on the Richter scale.

The most powerful aftershock was the first one after the original quake. It measured 4.0 and happened around 6 p.m. on Erev Shabbos.

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