Driven to Steal - Boro Park Car Thieves Follow-up with Hold-up in Flatbush

Driven to Steal - Boro Park Car Thieves Follow-up with Hold-up in Flatbush

BoroPark24 Staff

After a weekend of car breaks, a Honda Odyssey was stolen two nights ago from 19th Avenue. 

By utilizing local video camera footage, Shomrim of Boro Park identified the license plate and model of the original vehicle that assisted in the heist but got no further in locating the thieves or the cars.

A few hours later, Flatbush Shomrim received reports of a car that had been broken into. The thieves stole a cell phone, wallet, credit cards, cash, and I.D. 

Shomrim members were able to locate the fleeing vehicle and stopped it on E-27th Street. The two perpetrators in the vehicle made a run for it. One was caught. The wallet and some of the credit cards that had been stolen were recovered, as well as the keys to the stolen car and a loaded 22-caliber pistol. 

After the arrest, NYPD impounded the vehicle at the 70th Precinct, and realized that the same vehicle had been used both in the theft of the Odyssey in Boro Park and in the theft from the car in Flatbush. 

Shomrim was also able to ascertain that the original theft of the Odyssey came about after a number of cars on the block were broken into over the weekend. One of the items stolen was the spare key to the Odyssey, which the car owner kept in one of his other cars. The thieves returned a day later to figure out which car the key belonged to and were able to steal the Odyssey with ease. 

This is a reminder for car owners not to repeat this mistake to keep their car keys with them or inside their residence and to not leave any car keys inside any car - even a different car.

The NYPD is presently working with Shomrim to locate the stolen Honda Odyssey as well as the thief, who is at large.

Photos by Reuvain Borchardt/Hamodia

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