Flying Tall, a Red-Tailed Hawk Raises a Family in Boro Park

Flying Tall, a Red-Tailed Hawk Raises a Family in Boro Park

Boro Park - Boro Park is home to more frum Yidden than any other neighborhood in the world. It boasts more shuls, yeshivas and pizza shops than any city in the country. And now, it is home to a hawk as well.

The red-tailed hawk which has been perching atop a fire escape on 15th Ave. and 50th Street for the past few weeks looks out over an extraordinary number of Yidden going to daven and learn. Its primary concern, however, is its young. The fascinating bird, standing at almost a foot tall, has three hatchlings, and it protects them from neighborhood kids and sticks as fiercely as it would in the wild.

The mama hawk built its nest in the fire escape back in March, then laid three white eggs. The eggs hatched a month later, just in time for Pesach. Hawk sightings in Boro Park are common enough, but not everyday scenes.

The hawk family is spending their time flitting around on rooftops around 50th and 51st streets between 15th and 16th avenues. The mother falcon enjoy camping out above the buildings so it can keep a watchful eye on her young.

The family living at the window facing the hawks’ nest say that if anyone approaches their window, the hawks will notice from a block away and swoop in, ready to attack. Luckily for the family, there is a screen and bar on the window protecting them from the birds’ sharp beak and talons.

The three baby hawks are growing up fast, though. They are expected to take wing as soon as next week and then leave the nest to seek their own fortunes in the world.

You can’t perform shiluach hakan, however. Hawks are birds of prey and are therefore not kosher. But the next time you pass by the area check to see if the hawk is there! With the zoos closed, the hawk on the fly is second best.

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