Forecasters Keep Eye on Hurricane Lee as it Continues to Head Northward

Forecasters Keep Eye on Hurricane Lee as it Continues to Head Northward

By Yehudit Garmaise

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is keeping a close eye on Hurricane Lee to see whether it will continue its northward journey toward the American Eastern Seaboard.

As of 5am Monday morning, the National Hurricane Center located Lee approximately 630 miles to the east of the Caribbean, just south of Florida, and on a path that seems to be trending due north, say forecasters who are keeping a close watch on the ever-changing cyclone.

Hurricane Lee, which is blowing winds at 120 mph, is currently ranked by the NHC as a Category 3 storm after Lee’s intensity doubled in speed from 80 mph to a menacing 165mph on Thursday.

Now forecasters predict the hurricane could weaken, which makes it harder to track.

Most worrisome is whether the hurricane continues its turn to a path that looks to be heading straight for the Gulf of Maine.

How the hurricane changes in size, speed, and direction in the coming days will determine to what extent Lee hits the Northeast, New England, Bermuda, and Canada.

If Lee continues to widen, escalate, and move north, however, the hurricane could potentially wreak havoc on a more widespread area.

Forecasters say they won’t know until Wednesday or Thursday to what extent the hurricane will head northward by Rosh Hashana.

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