Four-Foot-Long Alligator Retrieved from Prospect Park's Lake

Four-Foot-Long Alligator Retrieved from Prospect Park's Lake

by Mindy Cohn

Prospect Park's maintenance staff captured a 4-foot-long alligator that was chilling in the lake on Sunday. 

Park workers were told about the alligator after it was seen floating near Duck Island at around 8:30 a.m.

Officials are not sure how the reptile got there or even how it survived a New York winter, mild though it has been. The alligator was not in the best condition, most likely due to exposure, as alligators are not native to the East coast and prefer warm, tropical regions.

It is possible the alligator was released by an owner who got tired of the pet - even though releasing animals into New York City parks is illegal.

The alligator has been rehomed to the Bronx Zoo, where it will receive the care it needs.

BDE: The Chuster Rebbe, Rav Shmiel Shmelka Leifer, zt”l
  • Feb 19 2023
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  • 9:01 PM

BDE: Rav Shmelke Leifer
  • Feb 19 2023
  • |
  • 7:47 PM

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