Four Years Ago: Covid-19 Designated as Global Pandemic

Four Years Ago: Covid-19 Designated as Global Pandemic

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Today, the 11th of March, marks exactly four years to the day when the Coronavirus was declared a global pandemic. 

The declaration came after the emergence of 118,000 cases, in 114 countries, with 4,291 fatalities.

Also on this day, the first two cases were reported in Boro Park's Maimonides Hospital, as we reported here. Sadly not long after, the hospital, like all hospitals, got overcrowded and overwhelmed with the pandemic hitting home. 

We can all recall those difficult days in the aftermath of Purim 5780 when the world was shutting down all around us, bringing with it so much uncertainty, hardship, and heartbreak. 

As we mark four years from the start of the pandemic, the world has been forever changed, and although the pandemic is largely behind us, its impact continues to be felt.

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