Gedolei Hador – Beri Weber, Freilach Band & Shira Choir

Music has a way of waking up a person’s nostalgic memories.

One of my all-time favorite songs is the one presented in this video. This classic song composed by Yerachmiel Begun and performed by the Miami Boys Choir was dedicated in memory of Hagoan R’ Moshe Feinstein ZT”L who was Nifter at the time. American Jewry along with the broader world suffered a huge loss of Torah and there was an emptiness felt within the hearts of all.

It’s been one week since Klal Yisroel once again lost one of our biggest tzadikim, Maran Sar Hatorah, R’ Chaim Kanievsky ZT”L. With the loss of the Gadol Hador, a person that was one shtick Torah, a tzadik that felt everyone's heart and soul, we once again feel like a part of ourselves is missing.

Although this Hartzigeh song represents sadness, it still brings out the beauty and holiness of our tzadikim and Geonim and the connection of love that Hashem has to his Kinderlach through Torah. This song brings healing to me and I hope it will bring it to you as well.



Music by: Freilach Band / Avrumi Schreiber

Arranged by: Tzvi Blumenfeld

Composed by: Yerachmiel Begun

Originally Arranged by: Yisroel Lamm

Shira Choir Conducted by Yoeli Horowitz

Live Sound: Check One Two/Shulem Heiman 

Live Sound Engineer: Eli Lishinsky 

Mixed by: Shlome Wechter

Video by: Dror P.

Public Relations: I & Me Media

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