"Goldie", New Emotional Holocaust Video by Leiby Moskowitz and Yoely Greenfeld

There are very few Jewish 90-year-olds in our generation, which is mind-boggling. Tragically, most of them were killed by the Holocaust as kids.

This video tells the story of one kid who did survive, Goldie Friedman. Amid all the pain and loss of her family, she built anew and left an incredible legacy, creating a beautiful family, children, and grandchildren.

This video is a tribute to her and her legacy, her teachings, and the example she set. It is also a solemn tribute to the 1.5 million children who were barbarically killed in the Holocaust – so many future mothers and fathers taken away before their time, without any future generations.

The tragic events of October 7 serve as a stark reminder that history tends to repeat itself, and 'never again' is now more relevant than ever. This release is both poignant and timely.

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