Group of Ten Bachurim Safely Rescued from Forest

Group of Ten Bachurim Safely Rescued from Forest

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A group of twenty bachurim went on a hike near Katrina Falls in Rock Hill after second seder on Wednesday. 

As sunset began to approach, the group split off, eager to make it out of the woods before dark. But when the second group emerged a little later, they found the van parked where they had left it, with no one inside. “At first we thought they were playing a color war prank on us,” recalled one bachur from the second group. “But when we tried radioing and calling the bachurim and got no response, we began to understand that they were lost.” 

They returned to camp and notified their Rosh Yeshiva about the situation, and soon a rescue operation involving state troopers, Shmira, and Hatzolah, was launched. 

Fortunately, the group made it to a spot (on the opposite side of the forest) where they had cellphone service, and they were told by rescuers to stay put. Once their location had been established, an ATV went into the forest to meet them. 

By midnight, all ten boys had been safely evacuated, and joyous dancing ensued in the parking lot, where all involved expressed gratitude to Hashem for their safety that night, and every day. 

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