L'chaim Medley - Shea Kaller Band & Shira Choir

Experience the warm embrace of nostalgia with the "Lchaim Medley" derived from the famously beautiful albums "Lchaim Brider" and “Lchaim Yidden”.

These albums were part of a series, produced and written by the talented Rav Yosef Moshe Kahana. 

The songs were warmly sung by R’ Yermia Damen, and it’s music was masterfully arranged by the brilliant Mona Rosenblum.

Released in 1996 & 1998, the Lchaim albums became a cornerstone of Jewish music. Lchaim Yidden and Lchaim Bridder, captured the essence of the chasidishe warmth that resonated deeply with listeners.

This medley, expertly curated by Shea Kaller and Yoily Horowitz, takes you back to a time when this music was a staple in every Jewish home. Shea and Yoily poured their hearts into this 10-minute medley, carefully crafting a seamless combination of soul-stirring melodies.

This medley holds a special significance, as it was played at a memorable Sheva Brachos celebration for a cherished client who specifically requested a nostalgic playlist. The profound concepts and heartfelt stories embedded in these songs evoke a sense of connection and community, reminding us of the power of music to uplift and inspire.

Join us on a musical journey through time as we revisit the beloved songs of the late 90’s reigniting the joy and spirit that they brought to countless homes. Listen, enjoy, and let the "Lchaim Medley" transport you to a place where music and memories intertwine.

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