Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg Turns a Blind Eye on Crimes

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg Turns a Blind Eye on Crimes

By Toby Friedman

Alvin Bragg, sworn in as Manhattan District Attorney on Jan. 1, expressed to his staff that he does not intend to prosecute certain crimes.

Bragg is planning to intentionally turn a blind eye to crimes like trespassing, resisting arrest, interfering with an arrest, turnstile jumping, and more.

Additionally, the DA’s office will only take seriously homicide, class B violent felonies in which a deadly weapon causes serious injury, and domestic violence felonies when it comes to prison sentencing.  

This greatly underestimates the severity of milder crimes.

The memo argues that “reserving incarceration for matters involving significant harm will make us safer.”

"We continue to have serious concerns about the message these types of policies send to both police officers and criminals on the street," PBA President Patrick J. Lynch said.

"Police officers don’t want to be sent out to enforce laws that the district attorneys won’t prosecute. And there are already too many people who believe that they can commit crimes, resist arrest, interfere with police officers and face zero consequences."

Lynch added that he looks forward to "discussing these issues" with Bragg.

Mayor Eric Adams, who stood for addressing the crime problem in his campaign, said during a press conference on Tuesday that he has not seen Bragg’s memo.

Photo: Alamy

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