Mayor Adams Heads to Albany to Discuss Illegal Migrant Crisis

Mayor Adams Heads to Albany to Discuss Illegal Migrant Crisis

by Yehudit Garmaise

Mayor Adams is heading today to Albany with the hope of gaining legal support to push back against the illegal migrant crisis that has engulfed the city.

Mayor Adams’ current strategy to deter Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott from sending busloads of illegal migrants to New York is a lawsuit the city of New York filed against 17 bus companies that are participating in what NYC Corporate Counsel Lisa Zornberg called, “Texas’s plans bad faith plan to overwhelm New York City social services system.”

“We are talking about a deliberate and express plan to flood and overwhelm the social services system of New York other and a few other targeted cities in the United States,” Zornberg said.

The busing companies hired by Governor Abbott are “fully participating” in the Texas governor’s plan “to punish for political reasons: New York, New York City, and other cities,” Zornberg said.

“We went through every law that's on the books to see how we can push back on this behavior of the bus companies and the governor,” Adam said. “We're going to continue to do so. We are not gonna sit back."

At the end of December 2023, Mayor Adams issued an executive order that sought to restrict the flow of migrant charter buses into New York City by mandating that buses carrying illegals could only arrive in the city between 8:30 AM and noon on weekdays.

In addition, after months of no coordination or communication from Texas officials, the mayor mandated that NYC officials must be notified of migrant buses within 32 hours of their arrival.

Many of the bus drivers are evading the executive order by dropping off migrants in New Jersey.

While Zornberg was clear that while the mayor cannot and does not aim to ban buses of illegal migrants from coming into New York, she will continue to explore every legal means to help slow down the flow.

The mayor also asked constituents to help him to “get the federal government to do its job,” on the issue of illegal migrants.

On Monday, when pro-Palestinian protestors blocked traffic at three NYC bridges and the Holland Tunnel, the mayor said, “The real rallies that we should be having are to force the federal government to help out with the immigrants who keep coming into our cities.”

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