Munkatcher Chassidim Anticipate Joyful Days Ahead

Munkatcher Chassidim Anticipate Joyful Days Ahead

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A grandson of the Munkatcher Rebbe will be getting married on Wednesday of parashas Vayechi, the 15th of Teves, and the Chassidim are anticipating days of joy surrounding the wedding. The Chusen is the youngest son of the Minkatch Rosh Yeshiva Rav Chaim Eluzer, oldest son of the Rebbe, the kallah is the daughter of Rav Efroim Shloime Halberstam, son of the Rudnik Rov, and Eidem by the Satmar Dayen in Lakewood.

The big Simcha is to start off with the Aufruf that will take place on Shabbos parashas Vayigash in the great Munkatcher Beis Medrash.

The wedding will take place the following Wednesday. The Kabulas Panim ill take place in the big Munkatch Shul, the chuppah will take place on 14th Avenue, outside the shul, and the rest of the wedding celebration will take place in the nearby Ateres Golda Halls, together with the brand new Bnos Tzion Hall on 51st st. that'll be used for the very first time.

A large final sheva brochos for the entire chassidus will take place on the following Tuesday in the Munkatcher Beis Medrash, concluding the days of simcha in the court.

The simchos in the Munkatcher rebbes court are known for their uplifted nature, with the rebbe leading the proceedings with joy, and many guests from all over the world are expected to make their way to Boro Park to attend these special moments and take home loads of Simcha, for them and their families.

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