News Sparks: Israeli Yeshiva Student Killed, Gov. Hochul to Help the Homeless, Prospect Park to be Reimagined

News Sparks: Israeli Yeshiva Student Killed, Gov. Hochul to Help the Homeless, Prospect Park to be Reimagined

By Yehudit Garmaise

Palestinians Kill 25-Year-Yeshiva Student, Injures Two Others, in Side-of-the-Road-Ambush

Palestinian attackers laid in wait on Thursday night, on the side of the road near the Palestinian town of Burqua to fatally open fire at least 10 shots at 25-year-old Yehuda Dimentman, who had a wife and a small child, at home. 

In what is the second terrorist attack on Israelis in one month, after a Hamas gunman killed 26-year-old South African Israeli tour guide Eli Kay, on Nov. 21, last night two other Jewish men were moderately injured by flying glass that resulted from the gunshots, said the commander of the Israeli military's Judea and Samaria Division. 

Dimentman was a resident of the Shavei Shomron settlement, and all three men learned Torah at the Homesh Yeshiva, which sits nearby the scene, on a hilltop.

Three battalions of the Israeli Defense Forces, who blamed a terror cell for the attack, are scouring the West Bank for the Palestinian gunman who fled the scene after riddling the Jewish men’s moving car with bullets last night. 

Although no Palestinian terror groups have yet claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack, many were quick to praise it.

“Together with all the people of Israel, I send heartfelt condolences to the family of [Mr. Dimentman] and a speedy recovery to the wounded,” Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said. “The security forces will get their hands on the terrorist very soon and will ensure that justice is served.” 

Gov. Hochul Announces $40 Million for Services Lift New Yorkers out of Homelessness

 Gov. Kathy Hochul announced today she will award $40 million to 128 nonprofit organizations and local governments statewide to provide services to residents of supportive housing developments so they can “break the cycles of homelessness.”

The New York State Supportive Housing Program will provide services for 17,539 single adult beds, 2,542 family units, and 372 young adult beds in supportive housing developments in 45 counties throughout the state. 

 "As the pandemic continues, we must continue to strengthen our supportive services networks, which provide vulnerable New Yorkers with the assistance they need to live a safe and stable life," Gov. Hochul said. "By coupling affordable housing with supportive services, we are helping vulnerable New Yorkers address and overcome the complex root causes of their housing instability, so they can break the vicious cycle and move forward to live independent, fulfilling lives."

 The New York State Supportive Housing Program will provide funding for direct services to assist people who are living in permanent or transitional housing projects. Funds support the cost of services designed to promote housing stability and greater independence, by providing training and counseling in academic advancement, employment assistance, health stability, and in parenting and life skills.

 Mayor Bill de Blasio Designates $40 Million to Restore, Transform the NE Landscapes in Prospect Park

 Mayor Bill de Blasio today at Prospect Park, announced that he will be allocation $40 million allocation to restore the northeast corner landscapes, called the Vale, and the Rose Garden of Prospect Park.

Also set for a refresh is the park’s pond, called the Children’s Pool, which became famous for what the Brooklyn Eagle once called, “a bird’s paradise.” The pool is also know for its lush, colorful foliage; red-brick walkways, lights, and benches, which will be transformed and upgraded after falling into a state of disrepair in recent decades.

“Prospect Park is Brooklyn’s backyard,” said the mayor, and New York State Assemblymember Robert Carroll called Prospect Park, which spans 23 acres, “Brooklyn’s crown jewel.”

 Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development Vicki Been said that New Yorkers must  “prioritize our green space: where loved ones gather to celebrate life and where we often venture alone to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.”

 In early 2022, Reimagine Prospect Park will engage more than 2,000 community members to create a new vision for the park’s landscape, the renovation of which should take between 12 and 18 months. Some initial ideas for the park include new restrooms, a sensory garden, a rustic arbor, a nature play area for families, and a landscaped amphitheater.

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