NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital Revises Visiting Hours and Guidelines

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital Revises Visiting Hours and Guidelines

     During what we all hope is the last stage of the COVID pandemic, NewYork-Presbyterian encourages visitors to remain connected to their loved ones virtually, such as through their phones, Skype, FaceTime, and/WhatsApp.

   If needed, hospital staff will provide patients with hospital-approved devices and help to connect more safely with family members. 

    The general visiting hours will be 10am to 6pm, starting tomorrow, for visitors who want to come in person to see adult patients at the NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, which is located at 506 6th Street. 

   Only one adult visitor will be allowed for a maximum stay of four hours, per day.

   NewYork-Presbyterian’s emergency department will be open to visitors from 10am to 6pm, but will be subject to closure because of space constraints.

   The ER also will allow only one visitor for each adult patient, from two to four hours maximum, providing that the ER is not too crowded. Before heading to visit loved ones, Brooklynites first should contact NewYork-Presbyterian’s emergency departments, which each have their own guidelines and visiting hours.

  “If we have 100 patients in the ER, and every patient brings a visitor, then that is way too many people in a small space,” a nurse at the Brooklyn Methodist Hospital said. 

  In addition to changing its hours of visitation, NewYork-Presbyterian revised its visiting policy to follow the COVID-19 guidelines of the New York State Department of Health.

   For instance, visitors, who must be 18 years old or older, must have their temperatures, travel histories, and possible COVID symptoms screened by hospital staff before admittance.

  At all times, visitors also must practice hand hygiene and wear masks correctly: fully covering their noses and mouths. 

   The hospital, which acknowledged that patients with intellectual, developmental disabilities, and other cognitive impairments may need extra support outside of normal visiting hours, also said that it would allow temporary visits outside of the usual hours for patients who are in extenuating circumstances, such as an imminent end-of-life.

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