NYC has Worst Traffic in the Country, Study Finds

NYC has Worst Traffic in the Country, Study Finds

A newly-released study confirms what our readers have likely felt for a long time: the traffic in and around the city is the worst in the country—a distinction notoriously held for thirty years by the city of Los Angeles, but no longer.

The study done by Texas A & M University found one daily commuter from Newark to New York who spent a whopping 56 hours in traffic last year. Drivers in Los Angeles spent about 46 hours in traffic in the same time period.

One theory on New York’s taking the title from Los Angeles is that Southern California has more people working from home, while New Yorkers are back to clogging the roads.

Covid-19 and the spike in crime—both of which have immensely affected subway ridership—have likely had a lot to do with this change.  

“When we see the numbers have dropped in the subway and the commuter rails, where are those people? Obviously they’re driving,” Carl Berkowitz, an expert in transportation, said.

For this reason, as we continue to emerge from the pandemic, Los Angeles is likely to retake this top spot, according to experts. “LA has no alternatives to the roads, while we have many,” Berkowitz said.

But whether NYC is the worst or the second-worst traffic capital in the world will likely matter very little to drivers in New York stuck for hours upon hours in traffic every day as they snail their way through its clogged roads.

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