Readers Write - Ensure That You're Licensed and Insured

Readers Write - Ensure That You're Licensed and Insured

After a terrible experience this past erev Shabbos very close to the zman, I want to remind all Boro Parkers - don't get into your car to drive without your drivers license, even on Erev Shabbos when you are already dressed for Shabbos like I was last week when I was involved in an accident and was told by a police officer that if I didn't have my license on me, he was going to bring me into the station.

Needless to say, that experience will make sure I never make that mistake again, and I'm writing so that you don't either. 

Not only that but since we're on the subject, make sure your registration is up to date and your insurance papers are right in the car, which you should never need. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a person without that information at his fingertips in an already tense situation.

Additionally, make sure nothing is expired. As soon as you get your registration or license or insurance, put it on your calendar a month before it expires to give yourself time to make sure you get it renewed before it lapses. 

Lastly, hope and pray you never come to thank me for this Readers Write.


Yudi Klein

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