Readers Write: Give Us Safe Walkways

Readers Write: Give Us Safe Walkways

Dear Editor. 

I am writing about a dangerous section of Boro Park, which, despite the incredible amount of development in the area, is still lacking one major feature: A sidewalk! 

I am referring to the block of 37th Street, between 14th and 15th Avenues. This is the street adjoining the massive Brooklyn Square building which has recently undergone a complete renovation and has hundreds of people flocking there every single day for work. 

On the other side of the street are likewise located a number of offices, with dozens of people walking along the street to access these spaces every day. 

This is an extremely busy street, with multiple loading docks bringing in trucks throughout the day, and the Hatzolah garage on the corner means that ambulances are rushing down this street very often—posing a danger to pedestrians who have no adequate walkway on which to walk safely up and down the street. 

Perhaps someone in a position to do something about this urgent matter will read this and finally bring a sidewalk to this street that so desperately needs it.

Thank you. 


Moshe Weiss, Boro Park.   

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