Readers Write: Illuminate Our Streets

Readers Write: Illuminate Our Streets

Dear Editor 

Thank you for an amazing publication that keeps us entertained and inspired. 

Citizens who live under a government—in our case, Municipal government— have a certain pact with that governing body.

We give up a certain level of freedom… freedom to park where we want, drive where and how and at what speed we want. We give up freedom to put out our garbage in the wrong place or the wrong time, or be fined. And so on. We also pay taxes to that governing body—funds that are meant to come back to us in the form of benefits to our lives, to provide basic infrastructure to our streets where we live, walk, and drive.

Which brings me to my complaint. I live in the vicinity of 12th Avenue near 51st Street, and I have had to walk up and down the stretch of 51st Street between New Utrecht Avenue and 12th Avenue at night.

There is not one street lamp to illuminate the entire street. This is dangerous for cars as well as pedestrians, and it is a situation that has gone on for as long as I can remember.

I pay taxes to the city. I think it’s not too much to expect that they illuminate ALL our streets, keeping residents of the area safe.

Sincerely, A neighbor

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