Readers Write: Maintain our Streets - Where Needed Most

Readers Write: Maintain our Streets - Where Needed Most

Dear Editor. 

Thank you for a wonderful publication, which I enjoy reading every day. 

I am writing to you in the aftermath of another heavy downpour in Boro Park—which brought to mind, once again, a glaring failure of New York City’s DOT. 

On the corner of 12th Avenue and 49th Street, there is a deep indentation in the asphalt, which does not drain. There is no drain on that corner, and, after every rain, a large puddle remains for days, with passing cars and busses approaching the bus stop, spraying passersby when driving quickly through the area.  

I have watched as so much of Boro Park was resurfaced over the summer, and yet, this corner of Boro Park seems to be forgotten repeatedly, leaving this nuisance in our neighborhood.

It is the job of the city agencies to maintain all areas of the city, in all neighborhoods. Is it too much to expect of them to do their jobs, and ensure the safety and convenience of residents of the area?! 

Perhaps someone from the City is reading this and will hear my frustration and will finally come down to see the issue and ultimately resolve it. 

Thank you in advance for publishing this letter. 


Ezra Kleinman - Boro Park

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