Readers Write: Please Install a Much-Needed Stop Sign

Readers Write: Please Install a Much-Needed Stop Sign

Dear Editor, 

Thank you for a wonderful source of news and inspiration that I turn to on a regular basis to be informed and inspired. I have noticed that people often write in with complaints about things that need rectifying in our neighborhood, whether for the safety or quality of life of the residents of Boro Park—and I, too, wanted to call your attention to an intersection that has long been neglected. 

I would like to draw your attention to the intersection of 38th Street and Dahill Road, where cars, buses, and trucks pass at a relatively high speed. They then turn into 38th Street, often without waiting for pedestrians. 

This has resulted in more than one accident—directly because drivers are in a hurry to turn into 38th Street. 

It is beyond understanding why—with this area of Brooklyn having been populated for so long—the City has never thought to install a stop sign at this intersection, so the cars will slow down and look out for pedestrians before speeding into the block. 

I don’t know if anyone in the DOT will read this, but hopefully, others will be galvanized to voice their support for this, and it will ultimately reach the right people, bringing an important measure of safety to this corner of Boro Park. 


E.M. Boro Park 

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