Readers Write: They Abandoned Us So Soon?

Readers Write: They Abandoned Us So Soon?

Klal Yisroel around the world—especially concentrated Jewish communities such as Boro Park and Williamsburg, which are home to large populations of visibly-identifiable Yidden—find ourselves in a dangerous situation, the likes of which has not been experienced since the Holocaust. 

Everywhere we look, there are signs of exponentially rising rates of antisemitic incidents, Rachmanah litzlan! The events of the Simchas Torah massacre have brought out an ugly and unprecedented spate in antisemitic rhetoric which strikes fear and apprehension in the hearts of so many of us.  

Which brings to the fore the question: Where are the police who have promised to be present in the immediate aftermath of simchas Torah?

While we have seen an increased police presence in the days following the start of the war, the NYPD have not been visible in the community over the last Shabbos—at a time when there are radical, pro-Hamas rallies taking place within a mile of Boro Park. 

While my position may be anecdotal, I have asked multiple people, and they too have confirmed that the police were conspicuously absent from Boro Park shuls over the last Shabbos. 

This is surprising because Mayor Adams has said all the right things since the onset of this crisis and has pledged to protect the community. The NYPD is also usually extremely responsive to our needs—and this is a time when we need them to be out and about throughout the community, keeping a watchful eye.

I hope that someone in a position of influence will read this and prevail upon the police to make themselves seen in our community for the foreseeable future as Klal Yisroel navigates this terribly difficult time of chevlei Moshiach. 

Sincerely, Menachem R.

Boro Park   

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