Satmar Rebbe Impressed with Mastery of Mikva’os of Kolel Divrei Eish, as Patron Donates $1M to New KJ Mikvah

Satmar Rebbe Impressed with Mastery of Mikva’os of Kolel Divrei Eish, as Patron Donates $1M to New KJ Mikvah

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It was an afternoon that spanned the length and breadth of mikva’os, as the joy of Torah was evident upon the faces of the Satmar Rebbe shlit”a and the talmidei chachomim of Kolel Divrei Aish who journeyed to him for a farher and a wide-ranging Torah discussion. 

Kollel Divrei Eish is the project of Aryeh Weiss & Barry Weiss of The W Group, major patrons of Torah causes. The Kollel, which is located on the premises of the business headquarters, hosts yungeleit who have already spent years, and in some cases decades, in the tent of Torah—dedicating their lives to the pursuit of the toil of Torah. Most, if not all, of them will one day become morei hora’ah in Klal Yisroel, guiding Yidden in the proper ways of Torah and halacha. 

As the Kollel completed the halachos of mikva’os, they were tested by the Satmar Rebbe on what they had learned, an experienced that left the Rebbe deeply impressed. The Rebbe, who conducted the bechinah without even opening a Shulchan Aruch, is known to have a deep mastery in all of Torah—especially in matters pertaining to everyday Jewish life, such has shechitah and mikvah. 

Following the farher, the yungeleit discussed with the Rebbe many matters related to how mikva’os were built in the old home, and different positions of achronim and poskim of the previous generations. then, the Rebbe made an offer to the yungeleit. How would you like to see a truly mehudar mikvah, with all of its stringencies and hiddurim? The Rebbe invited R’ Eluzer Weiss the father of Barry to join him in his car as they made their way to the mikvah. 

This was a small recognition of the fact that Mr. Barry Weiss has donated $1 million to the project of building the mikvah. 

As the yungeleit departed Kiryas Yoel after a pleasant Torah’dige afternoon, it was with firm resolve to conquer further areas of Torah, as they cemented their gains in the complex halachos of mikva’os.  

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