UPDATE: Breaking: Earthquake in New York

UPDATE: Breaking: Earthquake in New York

By BoroPark24 Staff

UPDATE 1:13pm:

At the Mayor's press conference, it was assured that inspections have been conducted and are ongoing in the gas and water systems, NYC school buildings, subway system, and other city infrastructure. Currently, there are no structural concerns.

Regarding the delayed text alert, the team explained that moments after the shock, they sent out a tweet. However, they withheld the text alert to ensure 100% accuracy before updating.


UPDATE 12:03pm:

At the Press Conference in Albany, Governor Hochul emphasized the possibility of aftershocks and highlighted that this earthquake is one of the largest on the East Coast in a century. Safety measures were provided, advising citizens to drop to the floor during aftershocks and inspect their homes for damage.

The Governor shared that immediate inspections were dispatched to all bridges, tunnels, and gas, water, and electric transformers to ensure their safety.

Assistance was also offered by the White House as well as Senator Schumer.


UPDATE 11:43am:

The Holland Tunnel, as well as the airports, has been reopened after passing the post-earthquake inspections.


UPDATE 11:30am:

Governor Hochul will shortly begin a press conference to update NY residents on the earthquake and the state's response. The governor is in Albany, and the event will take place in the State Capitol building.


UPDATE 11:24am:

The Mayor will be holding a press conference at 12pm with Senior Administration Officials to discuss and inform residents about the earthquake that occurred this morning.


UPDATE 11:13am:

Runways in JFK, Newark, and the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, in addition to the Holland Tunnel to NY, are all temporarily closed while being inspected for damage after the earthquake. Expect heavy delays.


UPDATE 10:56am:

According to the FDNY and the Mayor's office, no major impact has been reported thus far, as they continue to monitor the situation closely.



An earthquake with a preliminary rating of 4.7 just hit NY and was felt in surrounding areas, Boro Park included. 

Many residents felt their house shake for 10-15 seconds before it subsided. 

More information to come soon. 

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