An Era of Effort: Boyaner Kehillah Lauds Shidduch Efforts of Kehillah Members

An Era of Effort: Boyaner Kehillah Lauds Shidduch Efforts of Kehillah Members

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As we mark Pesach Sheni, the bein hazmanim intercession of this past Yom Tov seems a bit faraway. But, for the nine shidduchim that were made within the kehillah during those weeks, the days of bein hazmanim Pesach 5783 will forever be remembered in joy. 

However, for every shidduch that is concluded, there are dozens—or hundreds—of phone calls made. And for every shidduch that does come to a successful conclusion, there are dozens that do not—and it is all part of the process that Hashem has ordained. 

It takes an incredible amount of manpower and hours for these phone calls to be made, and it requires the creativity and the energy of everyone who can help out—far beyond the professional shadchanim who are limited in their time and resources. 

It is with this reality in mind that Bayis Ne’eman of the Boyaner Kehilla was founded. The organization incentivizes everyone in the kehillah for successdul shidduchim, and encourages everyone who can redt a shidduch to do so.  

The results of their efforts were astounding—as the poster hanging in the Boyaner Kloiz on Fourteenth Avenue illustrates: 

Forty-nine yungeleit from the kehillah registered with the organization, an incredible 254 shidduchim were suggested, and Tehillim was completed ten times over shvi’i shel Pesach, an auspicious day for shidduchim. 

The nine successful shidduchim that were made during bein hazmanim is not a coincidence, but the results of a kehillah hard at work to support their fellow brothers and sisters in finding their zivug. 

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