Around the House: Organize Your Dresser Drawers to Perfection

Around the House: Organize Your Dresser Drawers to Perfection

By Yehudit Garmaise

To start our days with calm and order, instead of digging around messy, overstuffed drawers, we can organize our folded things so we can spot what we need: at a glance.

Declutter: As with all organizing, before we put things back in neat and tidy ways, we need to first take everything out: one drawer at a time. 

Make Four Piles: Things in good condition but that are not worn can go for donation, stained, torn, and worn things can be tossed. You also will likely find things that belong elsewhere, such as things that need to be hung up, or things that are too bulky, such as heavy sweaters and sweatshirts, and take up too much space in dresser drawers. Lastly, make a pile for those things you want to keep neatly in your dresser drawers.

Buy some airtight containers for off-season clothing you can store under your bed or in a closet, if you have room.

Dust and Clean: Use a handheld vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust and dirt, and then use a damp towel with a drop of dishwashing soap to wipe down your drawers. Then, wipe down with a freshening spray, and dry your drawer with a clean and dry towel. Let your drawer air out for a bit in a room with open windows to freshen it up and allow it to dry completely.

Consider the order in which you get dressed. Refill your top drawers with the clothing items that you first put on, and then work your way down to those items you put on last or wear less often. 

Use drawer dividers or acrylic boxes to create sections to maximize the space of each drawer. Separators create structure to keep neatly folded clothing in place and prevent your things from disappearing because they are stuffed in the backs of drawers, Rashelle Isip, a professional organizer told 

Make “standing files,” instead of layering your folded clothing. You want to be able to see everything in the drawer as soon as you open it. So you don’t have to sift and sort through piles of folded clothing every morning, fold your clothing so it “stands up,” in one layer rather than lying flat with stacks of many items that are hard to identify.

Separate your clothing by color: to make your drawers look great and to allow you to find what you in seconds.

Give things space: Don’t try to cram everything in. Allow your clothing to breathe so it doesn’t get wrinkled or ripped. Leave an open space of at least 1-inch around the inside perimeter of each drawer, Islip recommends.

Maintain your system: Once you choose a dresser organization method that works for you, stick with it,” says Isip, who added that doing so can create more time and added calmness each day. 

photo credit: Flickr

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