BDE: Habachur Mordechai Baruch Katz, z"l

BDE: Habachur Mordechai Baruch Katz, z"l

By BZ Green 

We are deeply saddened to report on the petirah of Habachur Mordechai Baruch Katz, z"l, who passed away Friday night following years of suffering from a chronic illness. His passing is deeply painful for scores in the community who loved and revered him. 

Mordechai Baruch was the son of Reb Dovid Moshe Katz, an ardent Rachmastrivka chossid. 

He was diagnosed with an illness a number of years ago, and despite his incredible suffering, he was only elevated and purified by it. Through years of treatment and hospital stays, he was never heard complaining, never missed putting on tefillin, and fought mightily to keep every mitzvah despite the tremendous obstacles. 

Anyone who knew him recalled his smile, his easygoing nature, and his insistence on carrying out mitzvos no matter the difficulties. "He was a malach," recalled an acquaintance. 

Two years ago, Mordechai Baruch donated a Sefer Torah to the Rachmastrivka Shul, and the glow on his face during those moments of joy remains etched in the minds of all those who were present. 

Sadly, he went into cardiac arrest this past Shabbos and returned his pure neshomoh to its maker shortly thereafter. 

The levaya will go out this evening from the Rachmastrivka Beis Medrash, and kevurah will be in the kehillah's new beis hachaim in Airmont. 

Yehi zichro baruch.

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