BDE: R’ Aron Zvi (Hershel) Drummer, z”l

BDE: R’ Aron Zvi (Hershel) Drummer, z”l

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We regret to inform you of the petirah of R’ Aaron Tzvi Drummer, a talmid chochom and beloved longtime Boro Park resident. He was 76 years of age. 

The niftar was born immediately following the war in the town of Satu Mare, Hungary, to his father, Reb Shaul Drummer, representing the first generation following the Holocaust. 

Arriving in America, Hershel learned in the Satmar mosdos, where he acquired a burning love for Torah. 

He married, tbl”ch, the daughter of Reb Lipa Lefkowitz, a prominent Satmar chossid, who was extremely close to the Satmar Rebbe, the Divrei Yoel, zt”l. 

Even as he entered the business world, he always kept one foot in the beis medrash, and was known for his hasmodoh b’Torah, his love for learning, and for being a talmid chochom. 

His love for his family and his yedidim was legendary. “He always knew, and was concerned, for everything happening in the lives of his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren,” relates a family member. “He would always approach, and quietly inquire of each einikel individually how things were going.” 

The niftar merited to have an extremely close relationship with Rav Chaskel Roth, zt”l, and was inseparable from him, always spending time in his presence and consulting him on all matters in his life. 

Reb Hershel was unwell in recent months, and  passed away Thursday evening. 

The Levaya will take place at 9:30 this morning in front of the Karlsburger Beis Medrash on 53rd street. At 11:30, the aron will be at the Beis Hachaim in Kiryas Yoel where the niftar will be interred. 

Yehi zichro baruch. 

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