Boyaner Rov Arrives to Assume Leadership

Boyaner Rov Arrives to Assume Leadership

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Last summer, the Boyaner Rebbe, shlit”a, appointed his son, Rav Mordechai Shloime Brayer, shlit”a, to serve as the rov of the Boyaner kehillah in New York. This comes following the passing of the previous rov, Rav Eliezer Eichler, zt”l, who served prominently as the leader of this kehillah for decades. 

The Boyaner kehillah in America was founded by the rov’s great-grandfather and namesake, Rav Mordechai Shloime Friedman, zt”l. 

In the interim months, the new rov has visited New York on several occasions in preparation for his move to Boro Park. 

On Thursday, the Boyaner Kehillah joyfully welcomed their new rov upon his permanent move to their community—ushering in a new era in the history of the Boyaner Chassidus in America. 

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