BDE: Reb Yekusiel Tzvi Deutch, z”l

BDE: Reb Yekusiel Tzvi Deutch, z”l

We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Reb Yekusiel Deutch, a longtime Boro Park resident, a Yid from the old home who was defined by his temimus, and emunah peshutah.

 He was born in the Romanian town of Oyvar in the year 1932 to his parents, Reb Efraim and Rivka Deutch. The family was close to the Oyvarer Ruv back home, and when they finally made to America following the gehinom of the Holocaust, they were reunited, and they were lifelong misspalelim in Oyvar.

 But getting to America intact, with his ironclad emunah and bitachon, and his resolve to remain a steadfast Yid, was not that simple. He was not yet twenty when they war was over, and he had nothing.

 The Skulener Rebbe taught him nusach hatefillah and instructed him that he must be a ba’al tefillah. He fulfilled this calling until his only recently; serving as a ba’al tefillah on Yomim Nora’im and throughout the year, in Oyvar and elsewhere. “His tefilos were otherworldly, with heart, and with passion,” remembers a longtime Oyvar mispalel.

 “He was a bachur during the war, and was deprived of the bulk of his Yeshiva years. Nevertheless, he never missed out on a single day of coming to the shiur,” recalls an acquaintance. “And simchas Torah was his Yom Tov; the joy that permeated his entire being on that day gave him strength and spirit for the entire year.”

 Reb Yekusiel was zoche to build a beautiful Torah family through his daughters, Mrs. Mindy Kugelman and Mrs. Gitty Leitner.

 In the waning hours of this year, Reb Yekusiel Tzvi’s neshamah goes up to the kisei hakovod following a lifetime of mesirus nefesh for Yiddishkeit, and joy in serving his Creator with simple emunah. He will surely continue his mission of “davening for the Amud,” beseeching Hashem to bring us the final ge’ulah.

 The Levaya will take place at Shomrei Hadas at 12:00 this afternoon.

 Yehi Zichro Baruch. 

Watch Live the Levaya of  Reb Yekusiel Tzvi Deutch, z”l

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