Below Cost-Price Pesach Package Comes to Boro Park

Below Cost-Price Pesach Package Comes to Boro Park

By BoroPark24 Staff

Boro Parkers have been wondering if they would also get a chance to be a part of the chalika that was already announced for Monsey, Williamsburg and Kiryas Yoel. 

The good news is that they will! The Pesach package offers 18 cases of a combination of Pesach staples at cost price for a total of just $200, and will be available for all Boro Park residents.

Included in the package are cases of aluminum pans and covers in various sizes, plastic containers, paper towels, garbage bags, napkins, tissues, and plastic goods. Customers must purchase the package in advance and will receive a ticket which they’ll be able to redeem at pickup on April 9th at the warehouse on 1563-62nd St. 

Purchase a ticket here:

For more information call: 929-578-6804

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