Boro Park Abuzz As Heavy Construction Begins On The Magnificent Future Beis Medrash Of Bobov-45

Boro Park Abuzz As Heavy Construction Begins On The Magnificent Future Beis Medrash Of Bobov-45

 These days it is hard to pass 14th Avenue without stopping to behold the large-scale construction efforts between 49th and 50th Streets, part of the early work towards the building of the new headquarters of the Bobov-45 chasidus.

The current construction phase is focused on providing the underpinnings for the massive building that will begin being built next year and will be operational within three years, according to a source in the community. With the tremendous structural integrity that the foundation will require, the work is taking place deep underground, beneath the four-story depth of the planned basement.

Local residents have reported not only seeing and hearing the work being performed but also quite literally feeling it as underground work is performed to strengthen the surrounding structures and fortify the site prior to the massive operations. After years of planning and fundraising, the community shares the excitement of the Bobov 45 Chasidim in seeing this great beis medrash become a reality.

The shul is destined to become the largest of its kind in New York, spanning 75 feet in height and boasting a main room of 23,000 square feet with space for thousands of mispalelim. The construction will be performed in two phases with the first taking place now, and the widely reported addition of the property currently occupied by the Boro Park Y being incorporated into the project a couple of years down the road.

According to building plans seen by BoroPark24, the breathtaking structure will change the face of Borough Park once it is completed. Tens of millions of dollars have been raised by Bobov-45 chasidim around the globe, donations that will culminate in a shul the likes of which the Chasidish world has never seen before. A large group of askanim have been working with multiple architectural firms and experts over recent years to develop complex plans that are grand and ambitious yet also feasible in today’s environment.

“We appreciate the patients of our neighbors during this endeavor,” one of the project leaders said. “While we are doing our utmost to minimize the disruptions to everyday life, some of it is inevitable and we ask for patience.”

For Bobov-45 Chasidim and followers, the start of construction work has brought great excitement. The towering beis medrash, however, is expected to serve the entire local community as it turns into one the largest centers of Jewish life in our history.

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