Boro Park Chaveirim Introduces new Vehicle to Fleet

Boro Park Chaveirim Introduces new Vehicle to Fleet

By: Boropark24 Staff 

Thursday evening found elected officials, Askonim, Chaveirim members, - and Chaveirim divisions from all across the tri-state area including Lakewood, Rockland, and Kiryas Joel sending in their vehicles in a show of support to Chaveirim - gathered together around a red-cloth-draped SUV, the latest addition to the fleet of this volunteer organization that has become the first phone call for so many in need of assistance. The vehicle is being sponsored by Exclusive Flooring and UGS Contracting.

"With the growth of the organization, this vehicle has become increasingly necessary to better serve the Boro Park community," said one chaverim representative, "and the members of other Chaveirim organizations came to show their support to an affiliate that is taking yet another step forward in their volunteer service."  

As the group of selfless volunteers, along with NYPD and government representatives, cut the ribbon and unveiled the vehicle, they sent Chaverim's new SUV right into service, bringing assistance and brotherliness to the Boro Park community.

At the end of the event every volunteers received a brand new jacket sponsored by Prefect Restoration.

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