Boro Park Snapshot: Economy Leasing

Boro Park Snapshot: Economy Leasing

The center of Boro Park, feet away from the huge trucks that ferry Korn’s bread across the region and in the fulcrum of world renowned shuls and yeshivas within blocks, may not be the best place to headquarter a car leasing company.

But Yishai Porgesz and his partner Yossi Rubinstein who own Economy Leasing, are perfectly fine with the setup. They have many customers who never step foot in their office, located at 1503 44th Street — because they are out of state.

Economy Leasing gets customers from as far away as California, Arizona and Florida — “we have numerous customers from there,” Porgesz told’s Heshy Rubinstein in an interview. These long distance lessees are even willing to swallow the extra $1,000 in shipping costs.

One unusual request they got in recent days came when New York state’s coronavirus outbreak was wreaking enormous havoc, killing a thousand people a day and hospitalizing tens of thousands. Florida at the time enacted a ban on New York license plates entering the state.

One customer called Economy in desperation, saying that he was getting hateful glares and slurs because of his Empire State license plates.

“Within two or three days,” Porgesz said, “we had Florida plates delivered to him. And today he is driving my car with Florida plates.”

Porgesz was originally a bookkeeper in Manhattan’s Diamond District, followed by a stint keeping the books at a used car dealership. A dozen years ago, he decided to strike off on his own and go into the car leasing business himself. A string of satisfied customers followed. Including our own Heshy Rubinstein.

“I have to say that I myself have already taken eight cars by Economy Leasing,” Rubinstein said, listing off the type of vehicles he had — including a red Toyota 4-runner, a green Jeep Wrangler and a white pickup truck.

“And I have to say,” Porgesz rejoined, “that whenever Heshy takes a car a lot of others follow him.”

“This is what I always say,” Rubinstein agreed. “Whenever I take a certain car, many, many other people in Boro Park and other areas follow and come into Economy and say, ‘I want the same car he has.’ I am very satisfied with his cars.”

Such an endorsement, Porgesz and Kanner say, comes from years of working hard and doing everything to make customers feel like kings. They discovered that when it comes to a long-term investment such as a vehicle, people are willing to pay a little extra to have someone answer their phone when they need service.

“The main thing people look for when it comes to car leasing is service,” Porgesz asserted. “They don’t want to touch a car dealership or deal with a car dealership. They’re ready to pay a little bit more for my service. I know what my customers need and I get it for them, without them having to leave their home.”

Which also explains the out of the way office.

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