Captured Moment: Boro Park Casino?

Captured Moment: Boro Park Casino?

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This week’s captured moment takes us to one of Boro Park’s lower avenues and lower streets, where we see a sign above the second floor which seems to read Boro Park Casino, or perhaps Boro Park casings. 

The building still stands today in pretty much the exact form. 

Can any of our readers pinpoint the location? 


Answer to last week’s “captured moment”: 

The Stoliner yeshiva—today 75 years old—began in Williamsburg in 1948. It came to Boro Park in the late 1950’s and settled at 4609 16th Avenue, where t he Stoliner shul was located for decades before it was torn down to make room for a grand news edifice which will hopefully be built in the coming years. 

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