Captured Moment: The Preschool

Captured Moment: The Preschool

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As kinderlach throughout Boro Park return to cheder, we take a glimpse at a Boro Park edifice that has served as a cheder for young boys for forty years, while the upper floors serve as a dormitory for the Beis Medrash Bachurim of the same institution.

Can any of our readers identify the location? 


Answer to last week’s captured moment: 

The Saltser and Weinier Plumbing and Heating Supplies store was located at 1413 38th Street in the year 1940. While it has retained the original façade, the interior has been completely renovated, and today, it serves as office space for a new generation in Boro Park.

Photo Gallery: Vien Rov Visiting Camp Adas Yereim Vien
  • Aug 28 2023
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  • 7:23 AM

Captured Moment: Saltser and Weinsier Plumbing and Heating
  • Aug 22 2023
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  • 11:30 AM

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