De Blasio Covers NYC School Reopening Guidelines

De Blasio Covers NYC School Reopening Guidelines

In a press briefing Tuesday morning, Mayor Bill de Blasio outlined the efforts by the New York City Department of Education and the Department of Health towards reopening public schools in September.

Every room in every school will be required to have enough space for social distancing amongst students and teachers, windows that can be open, and the placement of fans. All rooms will need to pass an inspection, those that do not will be offline.

Inspections for public schools start today, August 25, and will be completed by Tuesday, September 1.

New York City School Chancellor Richard Carranza said the Department of Education would decide if a classroom was safe. If it does not meet the health standards, they will be out of use until they can make changes.

By September 4, all NYC public school results will be available online.

"New York City is highest in the world for health and safety," de Blasio said. "it is because we have something others do not, New Yorkers, we are tough and fight for our city."

De Blasio mentioned comedian Jerry Seinfeld's article in the New York Times that was published yesterday. Seinfeld wrote a piece on real New Yorkers staying put and rebuilding the city that will, without a doubt, return to its former glory.

NYC COVID-19 hospitalizations are under 200 patients; the positive test rate is at 1.4 percent.

Credit: Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office.

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