Supreme Court Justice Nominee Amy Coney Barrett Expected to be Confirmed Today

Supreme Court Justice Nominee Amy Coney Barrett Expected to be Confirmed Today

By Yehudit Garmaise

 Today, the U.S. Senate will vote to confirm Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett, whom President Donald Trump nominated on Sept. 26, nine days after the passing of Supreme Court Justice and liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsberg at age 87.

    Although Senate Democrats have employed many tactics to delay and block Coney Barrett’s nomination, her confirmation, which requires a majority of Senate votes, is a likely outcome because in the Senate, Republicans outnumber Democrats 53-47.

       President Trump’s choice of Judge Barrett, who is a 48-appeals court judge, a professor of law at Notre Dame University, and a mother of seven children, two who of whom are adopted from Haiti, enraged Democrats, who felt that Trump should not be able to nominate a judge with so little time left before the next election.

   However, without any reference to how many weeks or months are left in presidential terms, the U.S. Constitution says that presidents nominate the members of the U.S. Supreme Court.

   Because Coney Barrett, whom Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has called "the most qualified nominees for judicial service that we have seen in our lifetimes,” would be the sixth conservative justice out of nine, Democrats felt that the country should have waited until after the presidential election on Nov. 3 to choose a new justice to fill Bader Ginsberg’s seat.

  In fact, Democrats are so enraged at the idea that President Trump nominated a conservative judge to the U.S. Supreme Court so close to the next election that Senate Democrats threatened to filibuster or delay through the political obstruction, Coney Barrett’s confirmation.

  Additionally, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has hinted that if elected, he would “stack the court” by adding more liberal judges to the U.S. Supreme Court, which does not have a maximum number of justices set by the U.S. Constitution.

  Although Biden has been asked repeatedly whether he will “stack the court” he has not committed to an answer, however,  yesterday on the television news program “60 Minutes,” Biden said he would establish a bipartisan commission of scholars to study a possible overhaul of the court system.

   “I will ask them to, over 180 days, come back to me with recommendations as to how to reform the court system because it’s getting out of whack,” said Biden, who by “getting out whack,” seemed to mean that the majority of the judges of the U.S. Supreme Court does not currently reflect his beliefs or the beliefs of his party.

 During Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings, Democrats tried to attack everything about the judge from her devout Catholic beliefs, to asking, despite a lack of any evidence, whether she has ever committed any crimes, and whether she is racist, (which is unlikely as she has two black children.)

   Perhaps the most irrelevant question of the hearing came last Wednesday when Republican Sen. John Kennedy asked Amy Coney Barrett, “Who does the laundry in your house?”

    Barrett laughed off the question and replied, "We increasingly have been trying to get our children to take responsibility for their own, but those efforts are not always successful."

      (Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)

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