Does the MTA Want to Cut Crucial Bus Routes in Boro Park?

Does the MTA Want to Cut Crucial Bus Routes in Boro Park?

By Yehudit Garmaise

Will crucial bus lines, such as the B69 and the B103, which are key bus routes that serve our neighborhoods, get cut as part of the Brooklyn Bus Network Redesign by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)?

“Let those bus routes not be taken from us,” urged Kensington resident Mike Rosenbluth, who spoke with great concern last night, at the public hearing of Community Board 12’s monthly meeting.

The B69 on McDonald Ave. and the B103, which goes all the way to the Flatbush Junction and Downtown Brooklyn could be among the 1,000 current stops in Brooklyn, many in CB12, that could get eliminated, Rosenbluth said.

Eliminating the B69 and the B103 would “significantly” and “severely” affect the Kensington neighborhood and Boro Park and other parts of Community Board 12, said Rosenbluth.

Addressing CB12, Rosenbluth said, “Please let me know, and let this community know where this board stands and how it will support the rejection of those notions to eliminate those buses and bus stops.”

At the meeting, no one from CB12 responded to Rosenbluth, and this morning, CB12 has not yet responded to BoroPark24’s inquiries about its position on the MTA’s bus design plan.

Kayla Shults, the MTA’s media liaison, however, told BoroPark24 the current Brooklyn Bus Network Redesign Plan, which the MTA first released in December 2022, remains in its “draft” stages.

“The MTA continues to host public events and workshops to gather additional input from customers and Brooklyn residents,” said Shults, “This input will inform and shape the Proposed Final Plan.

As of now, the draft plans as they relate to the B69 and the B103  can be seen here:

The redesign of the Brooklyn Bus Network is part of the MTA’s “larger effort to modernize New York City’s bus network and improve bus service: borough by borough,” Shults said. “We are taking a fresh look at the bus network, with the goal of meeting customers’ priorities: frequent service, faster travel, reliable service, better connections, and an easy ride.”

One new proposed bus route that Rosenbluth applauded was “a plan for a B55 bus to run along Church Avenue from McDonald all the way to Kennedy airport,” which can be seen here: B55:

“That is a revolutionary idea,” Rosenbluth said with enthusiasm. “Why not extend that bus down 13th and 14th Avenues to Boro Park, and let this community be served as well?

“That is not a lot to ask: a limited express bus: all the way to Kennedy Airport, so that we also can avoid headaches, taxi fares, and extra expenses.”

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