EXPANDED: Weekend Weather: Following Storm, Nice Weather for Pesach

EXPANDED: Weekend Weather: Following Storm, Nice Weather for Pesach

BY: Yaker Biegeleisen

Looking at the weather outlook for the coming days of Pesach, we seem to be fortunate to be getting some nice spring weather for the most part.

But we begin with a strong storm to be hitting our area—the result of incoming cold air colliding with the existing hot air. We expect thunderstorms, though not very severe. We cool down following this, overnight.

Friday, Erev Yom Tov, we will see nice weather in the 60’s, not windy or rainy, which will make for good sreifas chometz conditions.

Seder night and the first day, we expect nice weather in the 50’s, with a chance of a passing shower in the afternoon into the evening.

It will be chillier the second night, with temps in the 40’s, but Sunday we will be warming up again, into the 50’s. 

The first day of Chol Hamoe’d will bring us clear, beautiful weather (potential for a storm Tuesday, which we are monitoring).

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