Junior Chef: Turkey and Pastrami Roll Ups

Junior Chef: Turkey and Pastrami Roll Ups

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You will need:


Cold cuts 

Red pepper 

Yellow pepper 





Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step #1: Mix your mayonnaise and ketchup together to make the perfect dip

Step #2: Cut up your favorite vegetables, thinly sliced 

Step #4: Spread your mayo and ketchup dip around the wrap, covering it nicely. 

Step #5: Spread your lettuce around the wrap.

Step #6: Take 4 to 5 cold cuts, and place nicely around your wrap.

Step #7: Take your cut up vegetables and place it in a row on your wrap going downwards 

Step #8: Fold in the top and the bottom of your wrap 1 inch and then start rolling from the other side across making sure it’s tightly rolled .

Cut it in to one and a half inch thick slices and enjoy!

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