Many Boro Park Streets Repaved This Summer

Many Boro Park Streets Repaved This Summer

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As Boro Park is filling up again, with thousands of families returning from the Catskills spending their summer between trees and grass, they are welcomed to newly paved streets in Boro Park.

Over this summer, a number of Boro Park streets were broken up and repaved. And while this may have caused some inconvenience to those seeking to park on those streets, in addition to the discomfort of driving on the broken asphalt, the end result is a smoother drive through the streets of Boro Park. 

The affected include:

  • 51st Street between 12th Avenue and 17th Avenue
  • 16th Avenue, from 49th to 60th street
  • 12th Avenue between 46th Street and 55th Street
  • the entire Minna Street
  • 57th street between 21st Avenue
  • 16th Avenue
  • 39th Street between 7th Avenue and 13th Avenue
  • and Fort Hamilton Parkway between 48th street and 52nd Street. 

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