Mayor Adam Holds Pre-Pesach Roundtable Meeting

Mayor Adam Holds Pre-Pesach Roundtable Meeting

By BoroPark24 Staff

Yesterday, BoroPark24 was invited to join Mayor Adams’ pre-Pesach roundtable meeting at City Hall, which was attended by Jewish reporters.

In attendance were the Mayor's team members, including Joel Eisdorfer, Senior Advisor to the Mayor, Fred Kreizman, Commissioner for Community Affairs, Menashe Shapiro, Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to the Mayor, Jose Bayona, Executive Director of the Mayor's Office of Ethnic and Community Media, Moshe Davis, Jewish Liaison at the Mayor's Community Affairs Unit, Fabien Levy, Deputy Mayor for Communications at Office of the Mayor of New York City, and NYPD Deputy Chief Ritchie Taylor.

At the meeting Mayor Adams repeatedly expressed his support for the Jewish community throughout the last few years, but especially during the recent uptick in antisemitism. The mayor stands resolutely behind his words, openly expressing unwavering support for the Jewish community. He reaffirms his strong stance, especially evident in the aftermath of the October 7 pogrom, condemning the spread of hatred worldwide and particularly in NYC.

The Mayor then addressed the upcoming holiday of Pesach, when Jewish families spend time in shul and with their families. Mayor Adams stated that his administration and the entire NYPD are here to service our needs and provide security and safety to the Jewish community during the holiday. 

photos by: Dovid Y. Jaroslawicz/BoroPark24

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