Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams Visits Central Hatzolah Offices, Recalls Decades-Long Relationship

Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams Visits Central Hatzolah Offices, Recalls Decades-Long Relationship

This past Sunday morning, Central Hatzolah’s headquarters in Brooklyn was the site of a reunion of old friends who have worked tirelessly on behalf of our community; namely, Hatzolah coordinators from around the Five Borough, along with mayoral hopeful Eric Adams, who has been an ardent friend to Hatzolah since the first days of his career.

“For Mr. Adams to take two hours out of his schedule on a Sunday morning, two weeks prior to the election, for a non-political event, tells you a lot about the man and his dedication to public service,” said Rabbi Yehiel Kalish, CEO of Central Hatzolah, and legendary Agudah askan.

The meeting brought together veteran Hatzolah members whom Mr. Adams has known for decades, since his days as a New York City police officer, a State Senator, and later Borough President—working together with many of these same selfless men.

Rabbi Joel Friedman, a prominent community askan, and liaison to various agencies, noted Mr. Adams’ amazement at the altruism and the sacrifice of Hatzolah’s 1600 volunteer members in New York’s Five Boroughs. “He specifically highlighted the mutual aid program, in which Hatzolah organizations throughout the United States regularly partners with local agencies and emergency organizations in order to assist them.”

Observing the dispatchers in action, as they fielded call after call during his time there, Mr. Adams was once again heartened by what Rabbi Kalish defines as the only two questions a caller will ever be asked: “What’s your emergency, and where are you? We don’t ask which shul you daven in or whether you’re Jewish at all. We are here as unique chessed organization that is here to help whenever and whomever we can.”

“Eric was here not here for politics,” explains Rabbi Kalish. “He was here on business...seeking to discuss protocols by which we would be working alongside city agencies under his administration.... hitting the ground running on day one.”

He is alluding to the numerous areas in which Hatzolah protocols must conform to city and local regulations—in addition to state and federal laws—as well as building upon the mutual working relationship that Hatzolah has been fortunate to have with City Hall for so long.   

Rabbi Joel Friedman reiterates: “We are deeply grateful that Mr. Adams took such valuable time out of his schedule to visit with Hatzolah, away from the public eye, to reconnect with its leadership, to recognize the incredible sacrifice of its tireless volunteers, and to pledge an invigorated spirit of cooperation in the Adams mayoral administration.”   

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