Young Boro Park Philanthropists Recognized by Torah Umesorah for Visionary Contributions Facilitating 1,000,000+ Hours of Torah.

Young Boro Park Philanthropists Recognized by Torah Umesorah for Visionary Contributions Facilitating 1,000,000+ Hours of Torah.

The history of Klal Yisroel’s unsung heroes of the Covid-19 Pandemic has yet to be written.

If these great men and women—the Rebbeim and teachers, the medical personnel, and so many others who sacrificed to help others during this most difficult time— are ever given their due, chances are that Mordy Getz and Hirsch Meir Traube will rank high on that list.

The Torah Umesorah Leadership Conference—bringing together hundreds of leaders involved in the chinuch arena under the roof of America’s premiere chinuch organization—went some way to shine on a light on their incredible contributions.

With a love for chessed ingrained in our very DNA, this next generations of visionary builders launched into action soon after the pandemic shut down our yeshivos and schools. With our boys and girls, and their rebbeim and teachers, stuck in their respective homes... the kol Torah—our greatest source of protection— had ceased reverberating.

In those crucial moments, Hirsch Meir Traube, CEO of Menucha Publishers, which has become a major player in the Jewish literary industry, teamed up with Torah Umesorah to establish a teleconferencing infrastructure which would allow the talmidim of our communities—most of whom do not have technological devices at home—to reunite with their teachers and fellow students in a virtual classroom setting. This massive undertaking needed more funding, and they found a like-minded partner in this endeavor.

Mr. Getz, a born and bred Boro Parker, is the proprietor of Eichler’s of Boro Park—a ba’al chessed who footed entire grocery bills for Boro Park families who had lost a parent through Rosh Hashanah of 5781, and gifted thousands of books from his Judaica store to these families—kept looking for more ways to ease the burden on these large families stuck in cramped quarters.

A cancer survivor who was an early voice for our community to heed the call for social distancing, he grabbed this opportunity to bring the kol Torah into thousands of homes.

The ensuing result is simply astounding to behold.

A whopping million hours of Torah were learned through this system, which Torah Umesorah developed, including 2,500,000 call-ins, totaling 54,990,000 minutes of Torah which undoubtedly served as a hovering protection over our communities (and a source of sanity for our children and their parents).

It is testament to the power of the vision and generosity of these two energetic lay leaders who continue a proud, eight-decade-old legacy of the balebatim of America partnering with the legendary Torah Umesorah to ensure the vitality and the continuity of Torah in America’s youth. 

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