MEGA TRIBUTE EDITION: Dee Voch Publishes Five Supplements, 300 pages, 100’s of photos, in tribute to Ga’avad Yerushalayim

MEGA TRIBUTE EDITION: Dee Voch Publishes Five Supplements, 300 pages, 100’s of photos, in tribute to Ga’avad Yerushalayim

The Dee Voch edition for Shabbos Chazon, the days in which we mourn the destruction of the Beis Hamikdosh, has emerged—and this special edition is jam packed with supplements, exclusive interviews and insights, and hundreds of photos of the life of Rav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss, zt”l, Ga’avad Yerushalayim, who left this world last Shabbos. 

This is in addition to the usual varied and fascinating content that Dee Voch offers every week. 

Dee Voch:

Broad coverage of the massive levaya brings readers to the mournful streets of Yerushalayim— beginning immediately after Shabbos, to the tens of thousands of Admorim, Rabbonim, Roshei Yeshiva, and everyday folk who participated in the levaya, up to the kevurah on har hazeisim. 

It also includes coverage of the yohrtzeit of the Bobover Rebbe, Rav Shloime, zt”l; Viznitzer Rebe’s visit to Manchester, Kiryas Yoel hosts dinner for Mosdos Yetev Lev in Eretz Yisroel on the yohrtzeit of the Yismach Moshe; Event for Kolel Avreichim in Seret Viznitz; Rav Moshe Wolfson in Monsey for Shabbos; Vort celebration for grandson of Rav Moshe Sternbuch, shlit”a; Tikkun Chatzos in Toldos Aaron; Photos galleries from camps and colonies around the mountains; photos from around the world. 


The Shrift magazine gives readers intimate and exclusive portraits of the life of the Ga’avad through his closest confidants: Rav Chaim Aaron Bleier, a talmid muvhak of the Ga’avad who received semicha from him speaks with Dee Voch, and Rabbi Tuvia Freund recalls his frequent visits to his inner sanctum. Rav Tzvi Malik, ABD Sambor, a son-in-law of Rav Weiss, gives personal and intimate glimpses, Reb Eli Lubelsky, his right-hand man from the Antwerp days speaks exclusively with Dee Voch, and his longtime driver, Reb Yoel Akiva Breitshetein gives us impressions from behind the wheel. A special feature is Rav Weiss’ own recollections from his childhood experiences. 

Mrs. Brocha Rimpler of Boro Park recalls her harrowing Holocaust experiences. 

Reb Leibish Lish tells about the Ga’avad’s Bar Mitzvah pshetel, and his celebration of his bar mitzvah in England. 

Yiddishe nayes reports on a terrible fire that destroyed a beis medrash, a call to check summer mezuzos, inflation for Shabbos electricity, and a monthly siyum on Zohar. 

Old News: Sixty sifrei Torah burned in a shul. 

Archives: Hachnosas Sefer Torah in honor of the nesivos Sholom, zt”l 

Historical figures: Reb Anchel Weiner of Livingston Manor. 

Histortical artifacts: Candelabras of Rav Dovid Leikes, zt”l. 

Olden Times: Jews visit the tziyun of Zecharia Hanovi 

Vintage Chassidim: Reb Yosef Kornfeld 

Yohrtzeit: Rav Yitzchok of Behush. 

Kinder Shrift: 

Soaked with blood and tears in Munkatabor; The Rebbe’s Tish: “I cannot sleep at night.”; Midrash: Stories form the churban; Seforim Shrank: Sforno; Let’s Learn: What does ‘zecher l’churban’ mean?; Science: A shiny CD; Nosh box; Fire candy; letter by letter: Ayin, the Apter Rov is in town; Cheder Velt: A sukkah presentation in the summer; Coloring: The Kosel; Dee Voch in the kitchen: Ice cream that won’t melt. 

Special Tribute Supplement: 

Close to 1000 historical photos from the life of the Ga’avad, which you will want to put away for an eternal commemoration. 

A colorful look at this great man, beginning in his youth, his years as Rov of Antwerp, to his years as Ga’avad Yerushalayim. His crowning as Ga’avad, his encounters with gedolei Yisroel, at the helm of battles for Yiddishkeit, immersion in Torah learning, his love to everyone, from young to old, and so many fascinating aspects of his persona. 

Exclusive Coloring Book: 

Tisha b’Av themed coloring book, sold along with Dee Voch mega package, and Kinder Shrift magazine, with pages upon pages that will keep the children busy and entertained with themes of these days. 

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