MTA Proposes Increasing Single Ride Subway Fares to $2.90

MTA Proposes Increasing Single Ride Subway Fares to $2.90

By Yehudit Garmaise

The cost of one subway ride will jump to $2.90, increasing from its current $2.75, if the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Board approves the new fares MTA officials proposed at the agency’s finance committee meeting today.

If the MTA approves the 15-cent increase in single rides and a spike from $127 to $132 in monthly rates, the new fares will kick in on Labor Day, which is Sept. 4, nbcnewyork reported.

Although subway ridership in New York City subway has not yet returned to the 5.5 million people per day who rode the rails in 2019, in April, the MTA recorded the first day since the pandemic when 4 million riders took public transit.

By 2025, a single subway ride could cost $3, but for now, MTA officials are calling the 15-cent increase a "reasonable" hike and the first price increase to subway fares in almost four years: although the MTA usually raises fares every other year to meet costs.

The MTA has also proposed a 4% increase in commuter rail fares and two options for toll price hikes: 6% for E-ZPass holders and 10% for those who are mailed bills that are charged on their credit cards.

At public meetings that will take place both virtually and in person in June, on dates that will be announced in the coming days, transit customers can provide feedback to the MTA’s proposed fare increases, a month before the MTA Board members cast their votes. 

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