News Roundup: Rockland Hatzolah Volunteers Surprise Senior Hatzolah Member with Brand new car after Accident; A Bronx Blaze leaves one Injured and more

Rockland Hatzolah Volunteers Surprise Senior Hatzolah Member with Brand new car after Accident 

Rockland Hatzolah Volunteers surprised Reb Nessanel Sommers, a senior Hatzolah member, with a brand new car after an accident damaged his vehicle.  

A few weeks ago Sommers was involved in an accident from which he emerged unscathed, B’’H, although his Toyota Camry was totaled. 

The Rockland Hatzolah crew launched a campaign to purchase a new vehicle for the selfless volunteer who has served the Rockland community for over 40 years!

In no time the campaign raised $19,850 and on Sunday evening the members unveiled with gratitude their gift to Sommers. 

A Bronx Blaze leaves one Injured

Over a hundred firefighters responded to a two-alarm blaze in a Bronx home this afternoon. The flames and smoke were so intense, firefighters were forced to put out the flames from outside. 

It is suspected that a gas leak was fueling the fire that left one victim suffering minor injuries.

Russian President Gives Fiery Speech on Ukraine’s Disloyalty to Mother Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin, clearly still begrudges Ukraine’s independence from Russia in August 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed, and Ukraine struggled to establish a democratic government and a capitalist economy, which he referenced today in a fiery speech to Russians in which he explained why he wants to invade Ukraine. 

Putin called Ukraine disloyal to Russia and criticized Ukraine’s likely desire to join the North Atlantic Trade Organization (NATO), the Western-based military alliance that has long been trying to persuade Ukraine to join and thus become more allied with European and American nations.  

"If Ukraine were to join NATO, it would serve as a direct threat to the security of Russia," said Putin, who also accused Ukraine of "trying to blackmail us," "threatening us with sanctions," and "restraining the development of Russia."

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